Rice is eaten as cereal grain by most people all over the world. Hence it is the second largest world-wide production. Nutrition wise Rice provides up to 20 per cent dietary energy in the form of niacin, riboflavin, thiamine and dietary fibre etc. We provide high quality Rice to our customers at much competitive price range.

Basmati Rice

Rice being the staple food the world over, is always on any Indian exporter’s list. India is home to a variety of rice, including its world famous basmati rice. We deal in all varieties of rice, including some of the finest basmati rice produced in the states of punjab and haryana, in northern india.

Non Basmati Rice

We are one of the leading producers and suppliers of a wide variety of non basmati rice, which are manufactured with the international standards. These are renowned for their aroma, taste and affordable prices.